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What is the Eligibility for Distance MBA in Entrepreneurship

Distance MBA has come as a huge relief to those who want to pursue higher education (MBA to be specific) but cannot afford to leave their personal and professional commitments behind for studying or cannot bear the high cost of regular MBA programs.

These courses help upgrade, strengthen and deepen the subject knowledge of working professionals, equip them with leadership, business and management skills and give them hands-on exposure to the latest tools and techniques required to thrive amidst the challenges of the business world, come out of career stagnation and land high-paying, fulfilling and challenging jobs with higher responsibilities.

One of the best programs for anyone from any field and educational background is the MBA - entrepreneurship.

Why is distance MBA in entrepreneurship so special?

Applicability across sectors, domains and industries: Entrepreneurship is a universal concept that is about creative-problem solving, turning ideas into reality, being resourceful, effective and efficient utilization of available resources and so on. Even in its narrowest of understanding, it is about starting, running and managing successful business ventures. So, this concept and the contents of this MBA specialization are applicable across the spectrum. A doctor/ medical specialist would benefit as much from this program as a marketer or IT professional.

Curriculum: This course when taken from the best distance and online institutes develops key entrepreneurial skills and competencies in the participants along with management-leadership skills and competencies required to start and/or manage a business. It prepares working professionals to not only start their own enterprise, but also strengthens their knowledge and skills in business strategy, product development, service management, etc. through analysis of the market and customer behavior to meet market and economic challenges effectively.

Career Scope and Remuneration: Participants will have the skills and confidence to start and run a successful venture by taking up this course. Alternately, if you are an experienced professional, you can expect significant raise in your salary by taking up a distance  MBA in entrepreneurship. Juxtapose this with the lower fees (Rs.60,000 to Rs.1,00,000), lower opportunity cost and no additional costs, you can see that the ROI from taking this course is quite high.

Job-readiness when taken on the best ed-tech platform: When a distance learning executive MBA and EMBA plus programs in entrepreneurship:

You must be a graduate in any field with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in any field.

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