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What Are the Highest Demand Jobs for Executive MBA's?


What Are the Highest-Demand Jobs for Executive MBAs?


Executive MBA (EMBA) is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program specially designed for corporate executives and managers. This program allows professionals to study and earn a degree while retaining their existing full-time jobs. Not only does it give the best of both worlds, but it also holds a substantial value which promises growth factors to the executives pursuing it. The minimum eligibility to enroll for an Executive MBA is 50% aggregate marks in graduation. Primary reasons for which working individuals plan for an EMBA are appraisals, promotions and a better opportunity prospect in the pipeline.


When an individual plans to pursue an Executive MBA and do the groundwork to hunt for institutes that better suit their needs, the kind of jobs one can land into is an investigation done by every learning enthusiast. Let us list down the highest paying jobs which can serve as a motivation and provide information on some niche roles.


Investment Banker- An investment banker is someone who helps companies and government agencies raise money and provide strategic advice and other types of financial transactions. The role demands an interest inclination and an MBA degree in finance. Although, it is a niche profile the total pay package and salary depend a lot on the industry type, how big the organization is and its location.


Finance Manager- With an MBA degree in finance, one can choose the profile they want to build their career in. While some opt for the investment banking domain a lot of them also prefer the core finance roles with leading investment banks or IT firms.


Marketing Manager- Marketing is a sector which is ever-fluctuating but also very booming and growing. If one is confident enough to develop the skills required for the marketing field, the MBA degree helps by providing that platform to learn and explore the most emergent markets. The marketing profiles can be very rewarding as the effort put in is directly proportional to the incentives you earn apart from the basic salary package. The education required is graduation which for some companies varies and they demand graduation in Science or Engineering.


Management Consultant- A Management consultant is someone who ensures that the organization stays motive driven, focused and competitive by solving management problems, maximizing profits and checking for cost control. The other responsibilities which fall under his hat are increasing worker productivity and ensuring the business works according to the set regulations. He works closely with CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s. The salary and pay package obviously increases with the years of experience, the graduate degree and the MBA degree.


Computer and Information Systems (CIS) Manager- A CIS manager co-ordinates and takes the lead in managing all the computer-related activities of the company. The activities include ensuring up-gradation, hardware, and software, maintenance of computer networks. Quality control is also one of their important responsibilities too.


Health Services Manager- Health care is a very diverse field and a very emergent one at that. People with skills and knowledge are required for health care management so that medical services runs smoothly and effectively. A Health Services Manager is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the medical services. The MBA degree in Health Services Management is required for this profile of work.


The above profiles are some which can be sought-out and looked up while an individual starts preparing for their MBA programs. An MBA online degree that specializes in a particular domain will help you choose and apply for the leading positions. Nothing changes the fact that it is only the years of experience and efforts which will help you grow up the ladder with a salary hike and package you aspire.


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