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Top Trending Distance MBA Specializations in India

Top Trending Distance MBA Specializations in India


MBA offers one of the most promising careers, but choosing the right specialization can be a difficult job. Before you choose your specialization for distance MBA in India, there are many aspects that you need to keep in mind.

MBA will mark the most exciting journey for you in the future but picking up the right distance MBA course can be intimidating for most of us. We know that MBA is good for us and this is what we wanted to do. At the same time, you must know to choose the right path ahead. There are many factors including your personal interests, the kind of exposure an MBA specialization can offer you, what does your colleagues and mentors say, play a vital role in your decision.

If you want to know the top MBA specializations, here is the list that will help you take the decision:

    MBA in Finance

If you think an MBA in finance will only take you to securities firms and investment banks, let us tell you that it offers a hell lot of opportunities in the corporate world. Finance managers can also become account managers and prepare important reports for the company. There is also a possibility of becoming a financial analyst paying focus on the core financial strategies.


    MBA in Marketing

If you are creative, have a knack of dealing with people and carry a good and presentable personality, MBA in marketing can be a good choice for you. Marketing is a very dynamic and competitive program. With excellent communication skills, your needs skills like resource mobilization and an undying zeal to reach out to the top level of management. Marketing in MBA will offer a fast-paced career only if you are able to cope up with the cut-throat competition and a determination to win.


    MBA in Operations

MBA in Operations will equip you to deal with shop floor management and production management. This is a course where you will learn about the tiny bits of production and how it is carried in a company. You will understand how the process flows, the vendor development process and inter departmental relationships to ensure smooth business operations. With this specialization in hand, you can start as a production manager or technical supervisor.


    MBA in Information Technology

As the name suggests, this specialization will make you a pro with IT. it is a specialization that has recently emerged and it is one of the important specializations offered to students these days. If you already have a background of IT, this is the best specialization that you can choose for yourself.


    MBA in Human Resources

HR is one of the trickiest jobs in the corporate world because an HR must look after everything from recruitment, training, performance, appraisals and retention of an employee. HR manager acts as a ringmaster in the business jungle but it offers one of the most lucrative careers.

The specialization that you choose shall depend upon your skills, personality and career goals. There are many branches in which you can pursue MBA, but the traditional finance and marketing remains in demand always. We hope our list helped you and we hope you would choose the best career for you.

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