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Scope of Growth in E Learning sector What does the future looks like

In recent times, with the advancement of technologies E-Learning has become one of the most innovative domains of communicating information in different sectors, industries, and ages. This online education system has a glaring future as it has adopted various advanced learning and teaching methods. Every individual is becoming more eager to get to know and learn new things online. An e-learning platform will be galore as a new sublime for tutors who are hoping to make some money through online teaching.

Some of the future E-Learning trends are mentioned below:

  • Tailored Learning

With the implementation of E-learning, the education system will move towards tailored learning. Tailored learning is a type of educational style where resources, projects, and assessments are given to students according to their needs and requirements.

  • Video Learning

With the increasing distance education programs, video learning has come a long way and will grow more soon. The education system is more inclined towards video learning because of realistic educational presentations with the help of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic videos.

  • Micro-Learning

Micro-learning will come as a new and innovative idea to make students more interested and concentrated in learning. Micro-learning helps in breaking up the study material into different lessons and chunks to hold every student for a longer time. This new learning method breaks the 2-3 hour long lectures into 30-minute sessions that make E-learning a positive experience.

  • Gamification Learning

Education and learning become a fun experience with the help of gamification or game-based learning. With the seeing growth of the E-Learning platforms students or people are becoming more rapt by E-learning. There is no doubt that gamification learning will become a new ideal for learning in the future.

  • Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has a scintillating future, and it is one of the most crucial developments in the E-learning platform to consider. This learning platform has adopted various patterns to provide a seamless experience to the tutor and the learner. Mobile learning offers mobile app learning adding more advantages to the E-learning platform. 

  • Virtual Reality Learning

E-learning platforms will soon convert into the virtual reality learning platform that will involve 360-degree display and graphical overlays. It will add more metamorphosis in the E-learning platforms. The virtual reality will allow the tutor to immerse more effectively with their students, regardless of the subject which they are teaching.

  • Social Learning

Social learning is another form of E-learning that involves online forums, educational chat rooms, collaborative file-sharing platforms. Social learning continues to grow with increasing technology. These E-learning platforms also help in the personality development of an individual as it helps in interacting with different people from different parts of the country or world.

  • Cloud-based Learning

With the rapid growth of E-learning platforms, cloud-based learning will come up as the most cost-effective learning platform in the future. Apart from this cloud-based learning will also allow educational institutions to share their study material in a more seamless way possible. It will also act on providing a personalized solution to every student.

  • HTML5 Learning

HTML5 is the newest E-learning technology. HTML5 is proficient in supporting advanced HD graphics, videos, animations, texts, etc. That is one of the most critical needs of e-learning platforms. It will act as the most effective future tool in the E-learning platform, offering numerous advantages to the learners in the best way possible.

  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

MOOCs have been adopted by many renewed universities and educational institutions. This style of learning serves as a supplement to classroom learning. And MOOCs have become the most preferred options among students pursuing various degree courses. MOOCs do not offer a certificate but it involves the use of technology to teach and promote procedures, forums to increase the knowledge in a particular subject.

  • Bring Your Device Learning (BYOD)

Educational institutions are becoming more aware of the importance and ease offered by electronic learning. Every educational institution will in the future adopt the BYOD learning system to make the educational platform even more sophisticated.

  • Content Curation Learning

Lately, content curation has come up with another deft E-learning platform. Content curation involves the online information library of all subjects organized cohesively. Initiating the learners and readers to choose the book or subject of their choice.

  • Personalized Learning

Another advantage that the E-learning platform is offering is personalized learning, helping the learner to choose his/her desired subject online. Personalized learning enhances one's ability to retain knowledge and enhance motivation. It develops a customized learning plan to take into account the strength, weaknesses, and skills of the learner.

E-Learning platforms are being used as a new learning platform in the form of social learning, virtual labs, and various innovative tools which allow the students to participate in learning with virtual problem-selling, questioning, experimenting platforms. The E-Learning platform has a gleaming future. Shortly this platform will come up as a blended learning model initiating virtual internships, online coaching, and classes and social media-based learning, etc. This electronic platform will surely replace traditional classroom learning in the future.


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