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New Year Resolution for Students

A New year, as we all like to think is the beginning of something new, something different but always positive. Everyone thinks of making a fresh start, wiping the slate clean and starting again. Making new year resolutions is not a thing of past. Many still make it, believe in it and work towards it too. It gives an individual a plan and a goal to work towards. A glimmer of hope and happiness on achieving it. There is a lot of planning going on in a students life, the need to plan a career hanging heavy on their head. The pressure to perform lingering in their minds. Here are some New year resolutions 2020 which can make you reach your goal efficiently.


  • The continuity of learning something New- Just like there is always a scope for improvement, there is always room to learn more and new. Pledge to educate yourself to something challenging. It could be reading new authors, learning photography, hearing podcasts or simply maintaining a journal. The newness of a task brings the enthusiasm back which we feel is sometimes lost in the slowness of a repetitive schedule.


  • Life outside the lectures- College is the time students get to stay away from their parents for the first time. It is when they discover their skills and a new environment to explore. There is a life outside the lecture hall, is what the student needs to remind themselves constantly. Involving one self in some volunteer work by local organisations or interning to develop professional skills is a good platform to socialise and network. The same applies if you are a student of online program.


  • A part-time job- Starting a part-time job along with your studies is a wise way to add brownie points to your resume. Though it can be hectic but students who work a few hours learn to respect time and develop strong initiative skills, work ethic traits and the ability to learn new things. It is beneficial in a way that it lets you earn a little to spend a little extra. If you are studying an online program, time-management is something you need to focus on. Clocking in some morning hours for studies and then going to work for a few hours a week sounds like a good idea.


  • Practice gratitude       - Gratitude is something to be practiced by every individual. This New year’s think of how you can make your life purposeful and how you can bring your kinder self to the forefront. Volunteering for charity drives, helping people in need or simply mentoring could be some tasks to practice gratitude.


  • Setting short term goals- As the New year approaches, we all tend to set targets for the coming one with enthusiasm. Instead of going in completely for a step by step long term goal, target short term goals which you think are achievable and can be ticked off from your list of “Goals-to achieve”. It could be simple things like waking up early, going for a run or catching up on some books. These goals not only give us something to look forward to but also create a sense of mindfulness, making us more focused.


  • Always have a Plan is what smart and famous people often recommend. A plan followed by a back up plan is one of the most humored bit in any conversation. So yes, one needs a plan. A student cannot escape the reality of having a plan for future. It could be planning for a post graduation or targeting some organisations they intend to work with. And even though it is a witty idea, having a back up plan doesn’t hurt.


While the above are some resolutions you could pick up in the coming year, some easy one’s to slip in the daily routine could be- time management, multi-tasking, less procrastination, focus on personal development and taking time out for some self-care. We might or might not do well with our resolutions, but let that feeling of pre-failure not stop you from making one. It fills us with an optimistic attitude and a sense of self-belief.

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