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MBA Post Graduation or Work Experience Which One is Better

Majority of the MBA aspirants face a dilemma with respect to the importance of work experience before pursuing a specialized MBA or PGDM degree. They, most often, contemplate if it’s better to pursue MBA/ PGDM immediately after graduation or should they gain some work experience and then opt for the same.

Obtaining a graduate degree comes with its own set of benefits. At this stage of life, they are young, enthusiastic and creative and have the ability to come up with innovative solutions for cases and problems. But at the same time, they may not have a lot of insight into real-world problems. People with work experience have a fair understanding of the corporate world and how things work.


Is it better to do MBA after work experience?


So what should one do- pursuing MBA courses or get work experience? In order to get a clear answer, it is imperative to know the benefits of both scenarios.

Benefits of Pursuing online MBA programs in India after Graduation

  • Better Career Opportunity - An MBA graduate gets a head start and typically lands a lucrative job. Since they are trained during their course tenure, employers are ready to hire an MBA immediately. In most cases, they, don’t have to struggle much to get a job.
  • Networking Opportunities - MBA aspirants get plenty of opportunities to work as an intern in leading companies and get to learn a lot of new things about the corporate world during their internship. This can prove beneficial to them once they start working.
  • Development of Personal and Professional Skills -  Pursuing an MBA is always beneficial for the aspirants as it not only provides professional training but also makes individuals more confident by boosting their personality. By pursuing this course immediately post-graduation, one will get to enhance his or her personal as well as professional skills and become more confident about entering into the corporate world


Benefits of Pursuing an MBA after Gaining Work Experience

More Practical Experience       

A person with a few years of experience is more likely to hold a strong grasp on the management principles as and when they are taught in the executive MBA programs, they will be able to relate the concepts with practical business situations.

Better Understanding of the Concepts

Individuals with work experience will have a clearer approach with regards to their goals and future actions. Working experience allows individuals to understand their areas of interest and make the process of selecting a specific online degree programs more efficient.

Equipped with Soft Skills

After being in a corporate world, one is bound to develop some essential soft skills over the course of time. Some of these skills include communication skills, leadership skills, management skills, etc. that are important to surviving in a corporate world.

Above were the advantages of acquiring an MBA before and after work experience. Either way, an MBA is a powerful degree to advance one’s career and ensure better future prospects. And making a decision regarding MBA entirely depends on the individual’s future career plans and objectives.



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