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Is executive MBA considered as Post Graduation ?

Is an executive MBA considered as Post Graduation ?


Executive MBA (EMBA) is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program specially designed for corporate executives and managers. This program allows professionals to study and earn a degree while retaining their existing full-time jobs. Typically, students need to possess significant work experience before enrolling in an EMBA program. Many might dubiously talk about it not being a post-graduation program. To clear the air, Yes Executive MBA is a post-graduation program.

A Post Graduation program is one, to enroll in which one must have a prior graduate degree and the minimum work-experience demanded by the university. The graduate degree must show an aggregate of 50%, which is the basic eligibility one needs to enroll for a degree course.

Understanding the EMBA program:

An Executive MBA (EMBA) program essentially involves a mix of classroom teaching over the weekends or evenings, online classes and tutorials and exclusive full-day sessions. Similar to a full-time MBA program in scope and requirements, and EMBA’s tenure is 24 months. EMBA programs comprise of intensive modular classes that strengthen expertise and extend advanced business knowledge to executives.

The modules revolve around finance and accounting, operations management, strategic management, marketing, human resources, and other disciplines associated with business landscape. It provides opportunities for students to enhance their skill base in order to advance their career prospects within their organizations along with the credentials of a master's degree and a new alumni network that holds a strong significance in the corporate realm.

Reasons one must choose Executive MBA:

While the Executive MBA is mostly preferred by working professionals for personal and professional reasons, the advantages it offers are immense.

Skill Enhancement- EMBA carries under its umbrella a list of options, professionals can choose from majorly depending on the career planning they have done for themselves. Some of these roles include finance, accounting, international political analysis, leading people and organizations, macro and microeconomics, marketing, process, and operations management and strategy. An individual looking to excel in the domain of Finance would want to proceed in getting a degree in Finance to ladder up in a corporate environment. The modules are fundamentally conceptual and give a good grasp of the subject matter to the learner.


Develop Leadership Qualities- A good leadership comprises of motivating people, taking ownership and people management. It also centers around helping employees adapt to the uncertainties when they occur. Leaders must be flexible, aware of the scope of their work, with an ability to modify their leadership style depending on the situation. EMBA degree program gives one the platform to develop leadership qualities which can be applied at work front

Network Opportunities

EMBA allows a professional to avail of invaluable opportunities to connect with new groups of people, expanding their professional as well as personal network. During the course of the program, students immensely benefit from the diversity of participants in the class, maximizing learning by challenging their assumptions and widening their perspectives.


Cost-Effectiveness is one of the primal advantages of an Executive MBA. Not only is it flexible in terms of letting one keep their current job but eventually it proves itself to be a saving mechanism. It is therefore considered a smart way of pursuing a post-graduation.


The post-graduation degree course of Executive MBA is structured so, that it aligns itself with the full-time MBA programs in a lot of ways. The content isn’t concise depicting the tenure of the course but in contrast, is rich enveloping the industry scenarios which back the theory aptly.


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