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Is Distance Learning MBA in Human Resources A Good Degree

Distance Learning MBA in Human Resources is a good degree for the following reasons.

Accessible and affordable

For most people around the globe, higher education, especially a regular MBA, is a distant dream. This requires a commitment of 1-2 years along with relocating or travelling every day to the college campus. Simply put, to pursue a regular MBA, you’ll have to either quit your job or take a sabbatical and put your personal commitments on hold. So, there is a high opportunity cost to taking up an MBA program on-campus plus the cost of conveyance, accommodation and relocation. Moreover, the tuition fees for these on-campus programs is hefty and exorbitant. Together, these reasons make the full-time MBA course prohibitive for the masses.

Distance learning MBA courses are accessible and affordable. They enable aspirants to take up the program without having to quit their job or take a sabbatical as the best courses recreate campus atmosphere in the virtual space. This means they can still earn while learning and thereby, reduce their opportunity cost. The fees are much lower. A regular MBA in HRM would cost at least Rs. 6,00,000 but a distance education MBA in human resources only costs between Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 in total.

Strong theoretical foundation that combines the best of both worlds:

Distance learning MBA in human resources combines the best of human resource management with business management and brings a curriculum that is unique, holistic and one that provides a learning curve that can be transferred into their daily practices on the job. It covers HR concepts such as performance management, recruitment, global HRM, appraisals, labour relations, etc. along with management and business concepts like ethics, strategy, law, operations, production, marketing, etc.

Upscale and develop advanced skills

These HRM courses enable participants to hone and upscale not only their HR skills but also leadership, interpersonal, management and business skills. The upskilling is done in a manner to ensure that the participants are able to practically apply these skills in aspects such as organization management and control, development of high-performance teams through strategic performance management, upscaling employee experiences and so on.

Learn tools, techniques and best practices

These distance MBA courses provide participants with hands-on exposure to the latest tools, techniques and best practices to ensure they are able to leverage these while solving real-time problems and challenges.

Flexible and effective when taken from the best ed-tech platforms

Distance learning programs like MBA in human resources when taken on ed-tech platforms like Talentedgenext ensure effective learning. They offer several hands-on pedagogical tools and analytics for this purpose. Also, this platform recreates the campus and classroom atmosphere in the virtual space.

Career scope

Taking up this distance MBA in human resources program will enable practising and aspiring HR professionals to land jobs in public and private HR firms in vital roles such as HR specialist, employee relations, HR training and development managers, HR managers, staffing directors, technical recruiters, etc.

Since all organizations employ human resources, the profession will never go out of vogue and will always have a consistent demand for specialists.


An average remuneration of Rs. 6,00,000 p.a. can be earned by those who have completed a distance MBA in human resources. With more years of experience and advanced skills, HR professionals can earn over Rs. 10,00,000 p.a. Juxtapose the higher returns with the lower costs, you can see that the ROI is high and can be earned faster.

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