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Importance of AICTE Accreditation for Your Online MBA

AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical Education and works closely with University Grants Commission or the UGC, a body which provides approval to the universities and colleges to run various technical courses and programs. The AICTE covers technical education programs like Technology, Architecture, Engineering and Management. Most colleges and universities that offer MBA course- Online and On-campus are AICTE affiliated.

What is the importance of AICTE Approval?

The importance and benefit of pursuing an educational program from AICTE approved university or college is that they have scope of better job opportunities within and outside the country. It also helps the student bag a government job in the public sector in India. It also helps with applying for further studies like the post-graduation programs. Most jobs in India which require an MBA degree are needed to be recognised and accredited by the correct body. Hence, an MBA done from an AICTE approved university betters the chance of getting placed in a good organisation giving assurance for fruitful future prospects.

While we learnt above why and how the recognisation of AICTE helps the students and what it means for a university, let us now understand some facts, Pros and cons about this important tag by looking for answers to some questions.

Is an AICTE approval mandatory for MBA courses?

Supreme court back in April 2013 supreme court declared that the requisite of AICTE is not mandatory for universities and colleges to hold for MBA courses. It is the UGC which is considered a mandatory approving body for the MBA courses in universities. Even if the colleges are not affiliated by AICTE, UGC recognition is mandatory.

MBA is not a technical course and therefore a lot of colleges and universities do not have the AICTE recognition, which we just learnt is important for any technical course. Here is why, MBA with AICTE accreditation is considered beneficial in India:

1. The companies are keen on hiring candidates who have post graduated with an MBA recognised from a college which lists it under the AICTE accreditation. If not so, the candidates may face problems in the job sector.

2. AICTE is the most importantly recognised bodies in India. An MBA course that is unapproved by the AICTE may be taken for invalid. This may make it difficult for the candidate in the work sector or in academics.

3. Since the AICTE approval is not mandatory in India for the MBA courses, the degree you might get anyway will not hold much value and might not affect your career in a positive manner.

4. If you are aiming for government jobs in Public sector in India, a non AICTE recognised MBA degree can pull you back as it is considered invalid. The job sector is very competitive and it might only be beneficial if you choose an MBA or online MBA with an AICTE accreditation from a university and college which provides it.

AICTE in its tag carries a lot of weight; in an academic sector and also in the work sector. It completely depends on the candidate and how they plan to study in future. If your personal choice is a private college, the courses might not necessarily hold the AICTE accreditation, But if you have planned to apply for a government job or back a job outside India, all your online degrees programs must be from a AICTE recognised educational institution.


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