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Executive MBA Programs That Will Advance Your Career

With the business world undergoing rapid changes like globalization, digital transformation etc., it is essential for working professionals to upgrade their theoretical knowledge to understand the latest and emerging trends, tools, techniques and best practices and also augment their skill set with advanced skills to practically apply their learnings in their work. This is possible only if they enroll themselves in one of the best executive MBA programs.

The executive education courses in business management are offered by top universities and educational institutions across the globe. Not just that, these courses are available in the online mode to enable more professionals, managers and business leaders to educate themselves further and drive their organizations to faster and sustained growth. Online courses enable professionals to continue working and earning while studying and upgrading themselves to meet contemporary and future challenges. This ensures lower or no opportunity costs.

The executive courses in the online mode easily replicate the classroom and campus environment in the virtual space through the cutting-edge tech innovations that ed-tech platforms bring about. With lower opportunity costs and much lower fees than on-campus programs, the executive education courses online are cost-effective and yield higher ROI as participants improve their earning capacity immensely.

The best executive education programs

Now comes the question of which program to enroll in? There are several different programs in different specializations that one can take to advance his/her career. Of these, we believe the best are online executive MBAs (EMBAs) and general management courses.

Which EMBA courses to take to advance your career?

The following are best online executive MBA degrees are offered on the Talentedgenext platform by top distance education universities like Venkateshwara Open University and Mewar University:

  • EMBA in Entrepreneurship
  • EMBA in Financial Planning and Analysis
  • EMBA in International Marketing
  • EMBA in Business Leadership
  • EMBA in Business Analytics
  • EMBA in Risk Management
  • EMBA in Media and Entertainment Management
  • EMBA in Banking Management
  • EMBA in Healthcare Management
  • EMBA in Branding and Advertising

Are General Management courses as good as Executive MBA courses? Which is the best course?

Yes, they are as good as an Executive MBA course as the best general management courses have a comprehensive, industry-oriented curriculum that teaches advanced management and business concepts, emerging trends such as digital transformation, industry 4.0, smart factories, automation, etc. and the skills required to convert theory into praxis. You will learn management, business, and leadership and soft skills in general management. These learnings will help you land better-paying positions with higher responsibilities like any MBA degree.

Enroll yourself in one of these best executive education programs and forge ahead in your career! 

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