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Distance MBA vs Online MBA

Today there are several institutes that are providing different types of MBAs- from regular MBAs, to Online MBAs and from Distance MBA courses to one-year executive MBAs. There are so many options to choose from. This magnanimous range of options available at one’s disposal is because of the rising demand for managerial skills in professionals. Also, it raises many opportunities and open up many windows for individuals and professionals to enhance their skills without having to take time off of their work.

Nowadays, based on one’s convenience and circumstances, one can choose from different options as far as MBA is concerned. For instance, if you are a fresh graduate and you want to pursue an MBA without work experience, you can go for a regular MBA course.

However, if you are a few years into your job and want to provide a boost to your career by gaining managerial skills and perspective without having to take a break from your job, you have two options – Distance MBA or Online MBA.

Distance learning and online learning are both alternatives to the traditional on-campus classroom MBA programs. Distance learning generally consists of self-study correspondence material, whereas online learning is conducted virtually, with students and the instructor interacting through dedicated portals that might include lesson materials, discussions boards and chat rooms.

In this article, we shall primarily be focusing on the major differences between Distance and Online MBA programs and also on the major aspects and benefits of both of them. The idea behind laying out these aspects is to help you choose between the two as there are so many options for students in India to get the best managerial education.

Distance MBA

In the distance MBA model, students learn at their own pace without having the need to attend regular classes and the study material is obtained by mail. The study material generally consists of books, notes and school-specific curriculum. Additional material like recorded classes might be available depending upon the school you have taken admission into. Also, you might need to attend periodic classes or take exams on campus from time to time. These self-study distance MBA programs allow you to learn independently and at your convenience. Keep in mind that you may have to pay postal charges for the materials upon admission.

Online MBA

Online MBA typically consists of online classes that students can attend from anywhere. All they need is an internet connection and a desktop/laptop or a smartphone. In an online model of MBA, you can virtually interact with your faculty, instructors and classmates. You can raise doubts and get clarification in real-time. Online MBA programs also have the added benefit of familiarizing you with technology. The major idea behind Online MBA programs is to recreate the classroom environment in the virtual world.

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