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Distance MBA in Information Technology Management

Distance MBA in Information Technology Management is a course that enables managers and business leaders to make sense of the increasingly intertwining fields of Information technology (IT) and business.

This-high value combination curriculum enables participants in tech-driven businesses to face the unique challenges of the field. Through design, development and operational knowledge obtained through the course, participants can transform the IT into business applications that are profitable, sustainable and ensure growth.

What skills will you learn?

This course equips participants with business, management and leadership skills, hones core IT skills and combines these with interpersonal, networking and other necessary soft skills

Why distance MBA? Why not regular MBA?

Distance MBA, unlike its full-time, on-campus counterparts, allows working professionals and others tied by personal and professional commitments to take this course while still fulfilling their other responsibilities and commitments, leading to much lower opportunity cost. They do not have to relocate or travel every day to college, saving them large sums of money.

These courses offer great flexibility unlike on-campus MBA with lectures scheduled in convenient timings and during weekends and allowing participants to pace the self-study component according to their personal needs and time availability.

Best institutes for this course

Venkateshwara Open University, Mewar University and Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU) are the top 3 institutes that offer distance learning MBA in Information Technology Management.  

Which ed-tech platform to choose for effective learning?

These top 3 courses are offered on the Talentedgenext platform. This platform uses cutting-edge technology to recreate the classroom and campus environment in the virtual space through live and interactive lectures, online student community, dedicated support desk, digital library access, etc.

These distance MBA courses, when taken on this ed-tech platform, enable participants to gain multi-dimensional perspectives and develop through mentoring from industry stalwarts, networking with peers through the online student community and engaging with the experienced faculty through the live and interactive lectures.

Several hands-on pedagogical tools are available to make learning effective including simulation exercises, case studies, end-term projects, gamification, visual aids, analytics, etc. A number of career development tools are also made available to the participants for augmenting their career readiness and career-oriented skills.

Eligibility criteria

For admission into the distance MBA in Information Technology Management from SGVU, the only requirement is that you must be a graduate. For Venkateshwara Open University’s program and Mewar’s program, you must have at least 50% marks in your graduation. If you scored less than 50% marks in graduation, SGVU will allow admission if you have 2 plus years of work experience.

Course fees and other costs

The fees for the programs from all three universities range between 60-90 thousand rupees, which is only 10-20% of what a regular MBA fee would be. Plus, there are no additional costs and low opportunity costs (as discussed earlier), making this program cost-saving.

Career scope

Global IT revolution has led India to a large-scale growth of IT, KPO and BPO companies and off-shore wings of global tech giants being set up here. To manage these, there is a need for leaders, managers and project managers who speak the IT language and understand business. So, there is great career scope for those who take up this course.

Remuneration and ROI

The average remuneration earned by IT managers is around Rs. 6,00,000 p.a. Combined with the lower costs, they can earn back their course costs faster. So, distance MBA in Information Technology Management yields high ROI.





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