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Distance MBA course in risk management through TalentedgeNext

Risk management is the field of analysing, assessing and managing the threats that an organization faces. This job is taken care of by risk managers. It is a very popular field of work these days because of the great opportunities it offers to the aspirants in terms of career growth and monetary benefits. Aspirants go for an MBA in Risk Management through a full-time regular college program or through a distance MBA program.

About the distance MBA course in risk management

There are educational portals, colleges and universities offering an MBA in Risk Management through the distance MBA route. This course is great for those working professionals who want to push their careers forward in the field of administration and operations because a very crucial element of this job profile is the ability to calculate risk beforehand in order to control the profit margins. Through this course, students learn to identify, evaluate and prevent risk. Once the course is complete, the students are also expected to know how to analyse different types of legal issues that impact corporate liabilities.

The MBA in risk management program from TalentedgeNext

This program provides the students with deep insights into the decision-making process in the field of risk management. It prepares business leaders with the ability to manage and reduce the company’s liabilities. They learn to understand the different processes and steps involved in the identification, management and control of any kind of business risk in a real-time scenario. They also learn how to use various statistical tools and techniques as well as the application of theories in this field.

Eligibility Requirements

The course is of 2 years duration with a total fee of around INR 62400 only. This is much more affordable than any other full-time regular college program that a student might undertake. Affordability is an added benefit with distance education MBA programs. Anyone who has at least 2 years of work experience and has obtained at least 50% marks in a graduate level course can apply for this program.

Program Details

The program offers all the subjects usually offered in a regular full-time program such as modern business organization, global business environment, economics, accounting, finance, human resources, strategy, organizational behaviour, business law, corporate law, business research, marketing, information technology, product operations, supply chain, business communications, business ethics, corporate governance, risk management basics, business policies, insurance, entrepreneurship, innovation, general insurance, life insurance, team building, leadership, organization and management of insurance companies etc.

Anyone who is looking to further their career interests in this field can opt for such a course. This is especially good when they need the flexibility to choose their own time and their place to study. These programs are more value for money than a full-time program and this is one advantage that a lot of students, who have the paucity of financial resources, go for.

This is a master’s level course and hence it adds another degree to a person’s resume. It is also important to note that it is a 2-year course and not just a certification which is another feather in its cap. Distance education can work for people who are disciplined and like to self-study. Such people work well even without the organised environment of a classroom and benefit from studying at their own pace.

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