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Distance BBA vs Online BBA: Key Differences

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is amongst the most popular bachelor

Why pursue BBA?

It is crucial for students to choose the right course for their graduation. Therefore, students need to know what they want and where they want to go in their professional careers. If a student aspires to become a Manager in a giant corporate or start his/her business someday, then getting a BBA degree turns out to be favourable for the student. The BBA degree carries a lot of value, and there are numerous reasons why a student should choose to get a BBA degree over the other courses. Below are some key reasons that advocate BBA courses:

  • Early learning: BBA courses allow the students to acquire professional skills during the budding stage of their profession as a management professional. This degree offers an extensive understanding and helps the student in developing important business skills like communication skills, leadership, decision making, and critical thinking.
  • Trains for Managerial Roles: BBA course is the ideal fit to meet the demand of various industries that require well-trained people for managerial roles. After completing the BBA degree, a student can easily find a profitable job. Students who pursue an MBA after their BBA degree, open up to excellent job opportunities in all the profitable industries. Therefore, the BBA degree trains a student to develop a managerial approach since the beginning.
  • Greater Return on Investment: A BBA degree is adequate for students to attract great job opportunities, without even pursuing an MBA program. Moreover, when compared to an MBA, a BBA degree costs much less. Numerous reputed BBA colleges offer high-quality education at an affordable fee.
  • Long Time for learning Managerial Concepts: Being a minimum three-year program, the BBA degree allows the student to learn the basic concepts of business studies and management. Students learn a wide variety of topics like Accounting Principles, Business Law, Business Economics, Financial Management, Marketing, and Computer Fundamentals. These subjects also help in creating a strong background for students who aspire to be future MBA's.

Online BBA

An Online BBA degree is designed to enable students to gain the needed knowledge and skills for achieving a great career after they graduate from their home. In an online BBA degree, the students do not need to leave their home or change their schedules as they can study as per their convenience. By studying an online BBA degree, the students can opt for administrative and managerial roles in all the sectors throughout the world. In a nutshell, online courses of BBA gives the students hands-on training by following a systematic methodology.

Distance BBA

Distance BBA course is a course that students can pursue from their homes. The students do not need to attend the university as the whole course is delivered to the registered address of the student. The course covers topics like business organization and systems, basic business statistics, management theory and practice, marketing management, entrepreneurship, communication skills, new trends, international business, and tools of financial management. The duration of the distance BBA degree is three years, but it can be extended to a period of 6 years.


Key Differences between Distance BBA and Online BBA

  • Study Material


Online BBA is entirely online, and the students do not get any hard copies of the study material. All the study material is updated on the website of the institution. Therefore, an online degree is all about getting an internet connection to pursue the course.

In a distance BBA degree, the study material of the students reaches them in hard and soft copies. Many books and DVDs that form the study material are delivered to the homes of the students so that they can complete their course.

  • Examination Structure

The examination structure of online BBA is 100% online. The students need to log into the examination portal of the website to give their exams. The exam has a particular time duration within which the students have to submit their online paper.

In distance BBA, the students either need to go to a nearby test center to give the exam or complete an exam and send it by post to the institute. The details of the examination along with the syllabus are either updated on the LMS or sent to the registered address of the student.

  • Interaction with the Tutor

In online BBA, the student can freely interact with his/her tutor via. video calls, e-mails, or telephone calls. The tutor helps the student with all the doubts and queries by deciding a mutual time for a call or video call.

In distance MBA, the student interaction with the tutor is very limited as the tutor interacts with the student while marking the grades of the student. Therefore, the tutor does not take out time to interact and clear the doubts of the student.



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