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Children’s Day 2019: Things You Need to Know About this Celebration of Kids' Rights

Children’s day, widely celebrated across India on 14th November every year is not only a celebration of children’s spirits but also of their rights. Fondly known as Chacha Nehru, this day is a reflection of his love towards children. He backed his envision of a growing India by the fundamental rights for children which was framed first by Eglantyne Jebb, founder of Save the Children child organization. As we remember him on his birthday, dedicated to kids and youth, we must also analyse how closely we have followed the rights which are every child’s birthright.


Children’s day was celebrated on 20th November every year before 1964, a date which was recognised by the United Nations. But after the death of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, our first prime minister; his birth anniversary was declared as Children’s day. This day is celebrated with a lot of excitement in schools and child institutions. The children are given gifts, toys and sweets and every measure to make it special for them is taken. A lot of schools sometimes declare it as a holiday.


Before we talk more about the 14th of November, let us get to know more about the child rights, a celebration of which is Children’s day. The origin of children fundamental rights dates back to the time of World War 1. Eglantyne Jebb took a stand to claim certain basic rights of hunger and health for children and put it in ink- the Geneva Declaration of Rights which is now the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The rights cover everything essential for a child. Education, nutrition, health, family and emergency to name a few. Save the Children, a leading organization which deals in child rights has put to action these rights and assured they are followed religiously elsewhere too.


The Right to Identity is where every child id entitled to a name, legally registered with the government. While, the Right to Health takes care of the medical care and protection by providing them a safe environment, the Right to Education makes sure that no child lags behind in the areas of academics, development and skills. The Right to Family life focuses on every child being shaded under a guidance and care of a parent or otherwise simultaneously being sensitive to their personal family history. The children today are well opinionated and The Right to an Opinion ensures that it remains so. The Right to be protected from Armed conflict and The Right to be protected from Exploitation ensures that a child thrives in a secured environment, free from violence and domestic child abuse.


Children are our tomorrow, is an ideology Chacha Nehru firmly believed in and as responsible citizens of India we must make sure that a healthy surrounding and a good support system is provided to every child so that he/she is not limited to the exploration of the world. Raising our voice for an unfair behaviour and leading by example through a disciplined life are the easiest values we can create for our children. Let us make not only 14th November a celebration of their fundamental rights, but everyday a rightful one for the bright future of India.


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