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All about Distance Learning MBA

Distance learning is becoming a highly popular mode of education. Working professionals or students who cannot spare time for a full-time campus course opt for this type of learning. Distance learning MBA programs are most popular among aspiring management professionals. Read more about it here.

Distance Learning MBA

Distance learning MBA is that mode of pursuing Master’s in Business Administration in which students may not always be present physically at the Institute for course completion. The classes are usually conducted online through live interactions or pre-recorded lectures.


This program offers the following benefits:

  1. Get a degree from anywhere in the world: Where you live doesn’t matter. You can enrol yourself in the best institutes from all over India and across the world. You can choose your course without being physically present in the institute or shifting to another city.


  1. Flexibility: As you get flexibility regarding the pace of the study, assignment schedules and submission dates, you can easily mould your present routine with the course curriculum. Most distance learning MBA courses allow students to study according to their convenience of hours.


  1. Cost-effective: After paying your course fee, all you need to spend is on your computer and internet cost. Unlike classroom courses, you save a fortune on hostel fee, campus fee, travel costs etc.

Types of Courses Available

Traditionally, there were correspondence courses where course material and assignments were sent by post. Today, there are online MBA courses that have dramatically replaced correspondence programs and drawn the attention of students. The online courses can be divided further into:

  • Synchronous Courses: Live online communication to a group of students together.
  • Asynchronous Courses: Offers weekly deadlines to students that have to be submitted online.
  • Open Schedule Courses: If you love to work independently, you can choose this wherein you are permitted to work on your own pace with the help of internet resources.
  • As Per Recognition: You can choose from IGNOU, State Open Universities and many other private institutes.


For distance learning MBA in India, you need to be a graduate from a recognised university with a valid score in any of the MBA entrance exams.

Top Universities

TalentedgeNext, along with its strong partnership with top MBA colleges, provides excellent guidance in choosing the best distance learning MBA in India. You can enrol in reputed universities through TalentedgeNext to build a strong career in business management. You can choose from a wide range of MBA programs that are delivered with a technologically progressive pedagogy with an aim to sharpen your employability skills.





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