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Achieve your Professional Goals with EMBA

When climbing the ladder of success, one often stresses the fact of gaining more knowledge and acquiring more skills for being the perfect fit for the top spot! Professionals working in various organizations pursue courses that can help them gain the required skill set and knowledge, which they can instantly apply in their workplace for performing their tasks better than the rest. However, getting to know about the perfect degree can help the professionals in saving time as well as concentrating on their professional life. One of the best degrees for such professionals is an Executive MBA. 

What is an EMBA?

An Executive MBA or EMBA is a postgraduate degree course of one year designed for working professionals who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge related to Management. Be it distance EMBA or a general EMBA; this particular degree helps the professionals in gaining a better understanding of the industry and adapt to it accordingly. Even though this degree is a lot like the regular MBA degree, the key difference between the both is that an EMBA is designed for educating and enhancing the skills and careers of working managers, executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, who wish to continue their job along with their degree.

An EMBA degree heavily relies on teamwork as it helps the professionals to achieve a common goal. Professionals aiming to pursue this course can get into the top colleges or choose distance or online EMBA as per their convenience. This course will help the professionals to understand various important topics of management, which include Human Resource Management, Marketing, Microfinance, and International Business. The curriculum of the course is well-designed, and it introduces the professionals to Executive Communication and Strategic Management. Professionals who have excellent IT skills, analytical skills, aptitude skills, and experience in the field of management are the perfect fit for this course. The program also offers a handsome salary to all the professionals who pursue an EMBA.

Structure of an EMBA Program

A typical EMBA program, be it a traditional EMBA, an online EMBA, or a distance EMBA, it often revolves around group projects and classroom discussions, which are led and coordinated by the senior faculty members of a business school. The EMBA program structure includes all the subjects that can help the professionals in running proper management of the company. Apart from the subjects, the EMBA degree also provides professionals with comprehensive knowledge regarding the various skills that they can use instantly in their organizations for its better functioning. The group discussions help all the professionals to form stronger communication skills and let them know the importance of teamwork in running an organization successfully! 

Eligibility for an EMBA Program

Professionals who desire of studying an EMBA degree should satisfy the following eligibility parameters for pursuing the degree:

  • Minimum of 50% marks 10th & 12th standards.

  • B.Com/B.Sc./Engineering/BBA graduates should have a minimum of 50% marks in their course from an acknowledged university.

  • Professionals having work experience of more than 2 years will get preference over the others.

Admission Process for an EMBA Program

To get admissions into an EMBA course, the professionals need to give the common entrance exams. Various institutes all around the world give admission to students based on their results in entrance examinations like EMAT, GMAT, and GRE. Once the candidate clears all the prerequisites required for being eligible for Executive MBA, the colleges follow the below-mentioned pattern of admission:

  • Entrance Exam

  • Group Discussion

  • Personal Interview

Once the candidate satisfies all the three rounds, the institute offers admission to the candidate for pursuing an EMBA.

Syllabus of an EMBA

The course consists of two semesters, and the syllabus for both the semesters is mentioned below:

Semester 1

  • Organizational Behaviour and Principles of Management

  • Managerial Finance and Accounting

  • Managerial Economics

  • Human Resource Management

  • Corporate Communication

  • Marketing Management

  • Research Methods for Management

  • Operations Management

  • Live Projects

Semester 2

  • Production and Operations Management

  • Management Information Systems

  • Executive Communication

  • International Business

  • Microfinance: Perspectives and Operations

  • Events Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Business Environment and Ethics

  • Live Projects 

Who should Opt for an EMBA?

Candidates interested in pursuing an EMBA course should possess the following skills for succeeding in their careers through this course:

  • Strong analytical, logical, and mathematical abilities

  • An understanding of the importance of effective administration and leadership

  • Exceptional communications skills

  • Curiosity

  • Strong IT skills

  • Excellent chaos-handling and management skills

  • Knowledge regarding various rules, regulations, and laws

Career Prospects after an EMBA

After the successful completion of an EMBA course, the candidates get exposed to numerous opportunities that they can explore. While some might join a new company, the others can get a big promotion in their organization. The candidates will be endowed with greater responsibilities and larger projects. Some of the common job profiles offered to candidates after an EMBA are:

  • Brand Executive

  • Quality Control Manager

  • Sales Executive

  • Communications Manager

  • Customer Support Executive

  • Marketing Executive

The top recruiters that hire EMBA candidates are:

  • Flipkart

  • Airtel

  • Infosys

  • Micromax

  • TATA

  • TCS

  • Accenture

Growing is a part of life, and therefore, growth in a career is helpful in many ways to an individual. Offering a secure and promising future, an EMBA degree is the best course that the professionals can do to achieve greater heights and climb the ladder of success in their careers!


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