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10 Things That Matter When you are Taking MBA Distance Learning Courses

Many youngsters these days are opting for MBA distance learning courses owing to the flexibility they offer. While some enrol for the distance learning course right after their graduation and take up a job alongside, others go for this course after gaining some work experience. MBA can amp your chances of getting a lucrative job and can also help you climb the success ladder in your existing organization. If you are planning to take up this course, then the information shared here should come handy.

Here are ten things that need consideration when you seek admission in a management post-graduation distance learning course:

  1. Accreditation

Before you shortlist a university or a private institute to pursue the masters in business management via distance learning program, you must ensure it is recognized. The universities and institutes offering this degree must be recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and Distance Education Council (DEC). These programs must also have the required AICTE approval. If the program lacks accreditation, there are chances that your degree might not be considered valid by the employers.

  1. Ranking


It is also advisable to know the ranking of MBA correspondence colleges and universities. Many websites and magazines publish this ranking each year. Ranking is given based on various factors. Colleges and universities that rank high are certainly good on many parameters and should be given preference over others.


  1. Curriculum


The masters in business administration degree enables you to acquire a good position in your preferred industry. With the rapid changes in different industries, it is imperative for the management institutes to revise their curriculum from time to time to match up with the latest market demands. So, before you select an institute, it is essential for you to see if the curriculum for your preferred course is up to date. Ideally, the curriculum should be a mix of theoretical concepts, practical training and internships. This type of curriculum will give you good exposure to the real world corporate scenarios.


  1. Selection of Specialization


Just as you try to find out about the best institute to pursue MBA course via distance learning, you must also put in an effort to understand as to which field you should specialise in. The choice is vast and the decision must be taken wisely so as to ensure maximum benefit. You must find out as to how it will help enhance your career prospects. You must also see if it interests you and whether or not you have the calibre to pull it through. Typically, the program offers specialization in marketing, finance, human resources and operations. However, these days, there are also niche specializations available in rural marketing, agriculture, telecom, data analytics and so forth.


  1. Online Support


It is easier to undergo a distance learning course if there is strong online support from the university/ institute. You must find out if the institute offers online support for course material, submission of assignments, interaction with the faculties and clarification of doubts. Go for the one that has these facilities. Check if the institute provides online support through a hotline, email, chats or any other mode.


  1. Placement


Just like the regular management courses, many institutes and universities offering distance learning programmes also provide placement opportunities to its students. Before you apply for admission to an institute, it is suggested to check their placement cell and their placement record for the last few years. Go for an institute that has a good placement record. Find out more about the line up of companies that hire the candidates from this institute.


  1. Fee Structure


Different institutes offering distance learning programs have different fee structures. Before you drill down to one, it is essential to find out about the fee structure of these institutes and compare the same. Make a smart choice by going for one that is easy on your pocket. However, do not compromise on the other factors. Usually, the fee of distance learning institutes is low because there are no physical study materials or commuting costs associated with it. Still, it would be a good idea to compare the fee structure as per your budget.


  1. Eligibility Criteria

Different MBA distance learning courses have different eligibility criteria. Before you start with the tedious task of applying for MBA courses at different universities and institutes, it is highly recommended to find out about their eligibility criteria else you will only end up wasting your time, effort and money. You can easily find out about the eligibility criteria on the institute’s website. Go through it carefully to know all the details. It is also suggested to find out about the institute’s selection process beforehand.

  1. Student Reviews


The students currently enrolled at the MBA correspondence colleges or those who have graduated from the same can give you a deep insight into the working of the institute. You can get student reviews on different websites. This can act as a strong deciding factor while choosing the Institute for the distance learning program. It would be even more useful if you could find any student in your city and talk to him or her face-to-face to clear all your doubts about the institute as well as the course.

  1.  The Process

Undergoing MBA distance learning course alongside a full-time job is not an easy task even though many young professionals these days are opting for it. Instead of just blindly following your friends or colleagues you must find out if you have it in you to manage both the things efficiently. You should try to find out about the number of hours you require dedicating to the course as well as other nitty-gritty’s involved before taking it up.

Until around a decade ago, only a few institutes offered MBA distance learning courses with specialisation in limited fields.  Thus, making a choice was not that difficult. However, owing to the increasing demand of these courses, several universities as well as private institutes in India have started offering these courses. This has made it hard to drill down to one. We hope the points mentioned here will ease the process for you.

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