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Fast track your career with distance MBA

In the last decade, technology has evolved drastically and changed the way we function every day. It has not just affected the mundane tasks of everyday, but also impacted how businesses are functioning around the world. The impetus of this change has resulted in continuous skilling of the workforce, across domains and industries.

You probably took up that job right after graduation to get some experience. But after a while, it felt like you are getting nowhere. Sure, you want to pursue an MBA, but does it make sense to quit the job you have and take time off? Competition is only rising.

Thankfully, there are universities offering Distance MBA to aid working professionals, enabling them with management skills. Added bonus? These MBA courses are delivered through a technologically advanced learning platform, and can be attended from anywhere. No need to quit your job or even lose all your savings over a regular MBA.

If you are still not convinced about pursuing a distance MBA, may be these benefits will help you decide.

Learn about other functional areas and industries

Looking to switch industries? Changing from one functional area to another requires a different perspective towards the business. Specialized MBA programs help bridge those gaps and make the transition for professionals as seamless as possible. Talentedge Next provides a range of 22 specializations in MBA for you to choose from. These courses are designed keeping in mind the changing trends in the industry, in association with leading academic institutes.

Get better remuneration

Pursuing an MBA program can result in a measurable increase in salary. Not only do you get to augment your current skills with new ones, you can also leverage them to get better recognition at your current employer or negotiate higher salary packages if you're switching jobs.

Get certified by NAAC Accredited institutes

We partner with leading universities in distance education to bring you the best of courses. These institutes are recognized by UGC-AICTE and accredited by NAAC, adding great value to your resume and opening you to better opportunities.

Enable your career enhancement with an MBA

If you feel like your career is at a standpoint, the best way to change that is by adding the advantage of an MBA to your resume. Add relevant business skills to your current skills and prepare for roles in leadership and strategic management. Pursuing a distance MBA will help you apply what you learn to your tasks at work and excel in your performance.

Don’t hold back on your career aspirations, enrol into an online MBA program. Fill in your details and we will get back to you with more information on our courses.

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